Providing Contract Compliance & Supplier Diversity solutions.

We are your ultimate partner in navigating the intricacies of government contracting compliance and Supplier Diversity solutions. Our expertise extends to sourcing, specialized sector recruitment, and training, specifically tailored to construction service, commodity codes, and compliance strategies.

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First Stone Business Consulting provides an array of services and technologies to assist enterprise and government agencies transition vision and long term strategy into reality, while maximizing public service excellence in today’s market.


Contract Compliance

Tailored to meet your unique needs, whether you're a small business seeking to streamline contract processes or a large enterprise aiming to maintain compliance.

Supplier Diversity

Our team employs an approach to identify and onboard qualified diverse suppliers that align with your specific industry, location, and procurement needs.

Consulting & Advisory

A comprehensive and tailored approach to address the unique challenges and opportunities your organization faces.


We leverage our extensive network and cutting-edge recruitment tools to identify and attract top-tier talent.


We provide ongoing support and resources to reinforce learning and facilitate continuous improvement.

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At First Stone Business Consulting, we specialize in developing opportunities for growth, development, and fairness for all businesses. Our mission is to create new standards and innovative business practices that foster small business growth. By connecting small and large businesses, we strive to uplift communities and contribute to their betterment.

With our expertise and dedication, we help businesses thrive in a dynamic marketplace. Partner with First Stone Business Consulting and unlock your business’s true potential for success.

Our expertise extends to sourcing, specialized sector recruitment, and training, specifically tailored to construction service, commodity codes, and compliance strategies.

Empower your organization with First Stone Business Consulting’s comprehensive array of services and technologies designed to transform your vision and long-term strategy into reality while enhancing public service excellence in today’s dynamic market. We are your ultimate partner in navigating the intricacies of government contracting compliance and Supplier Diversity solutions.

With our seasoned professionals by your side, rest assured that your organization will thrive and excel in every aspect of its operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your enterprise and maximize your impact. Contact First Stone Business Consulting now and embark on a transformative journey towards success and public service distinction!
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We are committed to ensuring what's best for our customers. Our transparent approach ensures that we act with integrity, placing your business's interests at the forefront.

Openness to

We embrace the power of information to drive change. With a forward-thinking mindset, we help you adapt to the evolving business landscape.

Managed Expectations

We understand the importance of setting realistic expectations and delivering on our promises. By establishing accountability, we ensure that your objectives are met.


We constantly strive to foster diversity in the business eco-system. Our search for innovative solutions helps us deliver effective strategies for your business.

Meet Brian

Creating one diverse and inclusive supply chain eco-system.

For over twenty (20) years, Brian Williams has been a noteworthy leader in the Supplier Diversity and Economic Development space. You may know him from his work as the Small and Emerging Business Coordinator at Jacksonville Port Authority and Duval County Public School System, but Brian can also be credited with contributions to First Coast Business Alliance, Joint Agency Task Force, and North Florida Procurement Association

Brian is an experienced leader, program developer, and communicator. Driven by the creation of a more equitable and diverse small business eco-system, he takes pride in providing the best programming and resource networks possible. Brian has increased certified small business participation rates every year, culminating with a 500% increase during his tenure. Brian sets high standards and exceeds them year after year. Brian has overseen the implementation, oversight and compliance for small business participation in numerous projects with DOT, FDOT, and MARAD funding streams, with firms, such as, Manson Construction (65 mil wharf project), Superior Construction (75 mil SSA buildout), Orion Marine (35 mil Wharf repair, Taylor Construction and Taylor Engineering, Auld and White, Turner Construction RSH Engineering, HDR Engineering, to name a few. Brian used various methods of outreach as the liaison both the Prime and Certified businesses of opportunities, by identifying certified candidates, match making, resources available to assist certified small business increase capacity and performance, and instituted compliance reporting measures to assure project goal attainment.

“Leaving no stone unturned.

As a Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity, his goals include increasing contracting opportunities, community resources availability, and certification awareness. In addition to his primary job functions, Brian has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary commitment to the expansion of the Small Business Community through his organization of the annual Small Business Appreciation Day, Small Business Speaker series, and Sector Summits. Brian has been honored with Outstanding Leadership and Community Support Awards/Recognition for his contributions to First Coast Hispanic Chamber, Florida Black Expo, and INDOUS Chamber, to name a few. He holds an MBA focused on Organization Behavior and a BS in Public Administration from Point Park University and currently resides in Jacksonville Florida.

Brian Williams, MBA, CPSD

Founder of First Stone Business Consulting

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